Avoid Foreclosure And Have Your House Bought

Are you feeling helpless because you are facing mortgage-paying delays, and there is a chance you can go into foreclosure? Stop suffering today. The Owner Finance Group will let you know the best way out on how to stop foreclosure if you leave in Austin, Texas. We are professional home buyers, the ones you need when thinking, “I need someone to buy my house in Austin”.

We buy houses under almost any financial conditions. We are your best option for avoiding your home to go into foreclosure. 


The Owner Finance Group Is Here To Help

If you find yourself facing foreclosure, it’s ok. We want to let you know that you have options, therefore plenty of ways to get out of it, believe it or not. Letting your house fall into foreclosure is actually something you shouldn’t do. You can face significant credit score implications that could have a negative effect on your future acquisitions, such as buying another house, a car, or even getting a new job. 

When you decide on working with The Owner Finance Group, you will find out that we genuinely care for you and your family. We provide you with all the options you may have, even see if you’ll be able to walk away with some cash. Once we have presented all your options and looked closely at which one suits you best, we guide you throughout the whole process. So do not keep on hesitating and get in contact with us.

Facing More Than One Problem With Your Home?

If foreclosure is not all you are going through, feel at ease. As we have said before, we care for you and your current situation. We’ve helped countless residents in Austin, Texas, and its surrounding who thought the same and were feeling hopeless. Do you want to move on in life? Are you facing divorce on top of everything going on with the foreclosure? Remind yourself you are just in a stage in life. Everything can be solved, and most importantly, we are there for you.