Should I Trust Zillow to Determine My House Value in Austin

An old adage in real estate sales is “your home is worth what someone is willing to buy it for.” This suggests that there are many different factors, some arbitrary that go into the valuing of a home. In today’s internet savvy world, many look to industry leader Zillow for information. But the questions is, … Continued

Selling A Foreclosed Home In Austin, TX

The chance of getting behind on mortgage payments, as we all know, can lead to foreclosure. There are plenty of reasons why this could happen, perhaps you just lost your job, had a sudden illness, death in the family, loss of a second income, and so on. You aren’t the first one to go through … Continued

Stop Home Foreclosure in Jarrell, TX

If you’re facing foreclosure, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of ways you can stop that from happening. It’s essential for you to get informed on what your options are, and which is your best choice. At The Owner Finance Group, we’ll break down why selling your home to a home buying company … Continued

How To Avoid Foreclosure In Bertram, TX

There’s always more than one solution to any problem, and this is true in the case of preventing foreclosure. If you happen to be facing this situation and have searched for information on how to avoid it, it’s most likely that you have read suggestions such as “talk to your lender, and review your foreclosure … Continued

How To Avoid Foreclosure in Austin, TX

Though you never had foreclosure in mind when signing your mortgage agreement, you’re not the first homeowner to go through this situation. The good news is that regardless of why you’re experiencing it, there are ways to avoid foreclosure if you live in Austin, TX. The Owner Finance Group will tell you how. The Best … Continued

Alternatives to Listing Your Home in Austin: Explained

Do you want to sell your home in Austin? If so, we want to share some possible alternatives to a listing. Many people aren’t aware of the options that are often available! Check out our latest post to learn more about what is available for you! Selling your house can be a daunting task. The … Continued

Creative Holiday Themed Open House Ideas for Austin

If you are trying to sell a Austin house during the winter months, you might want to incorporate a few festive touches into your open house. We have put together some creative holiday themed open house ideas to help you sell your Austin house fast! Many people wait to list their houses until after the holiday season, … Continued

Tax Tips For Selling Your Austin House!

It’s almost that time of year… yes, tax season is almost upon us! If you are selling a house in Austin, you will love these tax tips for selling your home! This article is for informational purposes only! For specific questions, contact a trusted tax professional, or the IRS!  Not All Profits Are Taxable You … Continued

4 Ways To Attract Home Buyers in Austin

As the saying goes, “there is more than one way to skin a cat.” The saying is truer when it comes to selling your home than skinning cats since we don’t advocate doing that. Home buyers in Austin have different needs; preparing your sales strategy accordingly helps increase home showings and makes for faster sales. Here … Continued

Cash For Houses In Austin – Is it right for you?

You’ve seen the signs at almost every street corner or off-ramp, “Cash for houses in Austin.” Some of these are cartoonish signs and others might even be handwritten, nailed to a light pole. Some cash for houses signs makes claims they buy houses in any condition and for competitive rates and all cash. If you need or … Continued

Prepare to Sell My House Quick In Austin

There are many reasons you might want to sell your home quickly: relocations, financial hardships or even medical issues. It really doesn’t matter what the reason is for you, but understand that buyers may try to jump on your motivated seller status if you don’t position your property right. Here are the best preparations to selling your … Continued

Is Your House Losing Value?

Is Your House Losing Value? A house is the most valuable asset the average person will probably ever own. So, it’s vital to understand the reasons why a home can lose value over time. From poor physical conditions to location, a homeowner must be aware of how to protect their most valuable asset. Why Houses … Continued