How To Sell Your House Fast in Austin, TX

The process of selling a house in Austin can be long and arduous. If you want to sell your house faster than it takes through the normal listing process, there are places like Owner Finance Group that will purchase your house more quickly and get it off your hands.

How Does Listing Your House With an Agent Compare To Selling With Owner Finance Group?

  • If you sell with an agent in Austin, you will likely pay 6% of the final selling price to the agent as a commission fee. With us, you will pay zero commission fees, because we are the ones purchasing your home.
  • With an agent, you will pay 2% in closing costs. With us, you won’t pay a thing!
  • Unlike with an agent, we will make a cash offer, no appraisal required.
  • It usually takes around 3 months to sell your house through an agent and listing. With us, we will make an immediate cash offer and have the whole deal done in less than a week, normally. Often you can be paid in a week as well.
  • With an agent, many people will come see your home and then a small percentage will be interested. Alternatively, you can get one visitor–us.
  • With an agent, you will pay for repairs. With us, you don’t have to fix anything–we will buy your home as it is.


The Process

We make sure our process is fully legal, that we work with reputable title companies, and that we are open and honest with you and all our customers. You can sell your house for cash in four quick and easy steps, all completely free to you.

  1. Fill out a form online to tell us about your property.
  2. If we think your property fits our qualifications, we’ll reach out and make an appointment with you.
  3. We’ll make you an offer with a fair price–you have zero obligation to accept!
  4. We close, and you get your money in as little as a week.