No-Fee Home Purchase in Austin, TX

Are you the type of person who believes there’s a solution for any kind of problem or situation? When you stay optimistic, you’ll see there’s always a positive solution. If you’re a homeowner who seeks for a simple way to sell your house, without having to deal with extra expenses, The Owner Finance Group is the best place with no fee home purchase in Austin, TX. 


Save Money By Selling Your House

When you sell your house through a local Austin agent, the outcome may be a high cash offer. You actually spend more than expected because you have to deal with commissions, fees, closing costs, repairs (if needed), and more.

Plus, listing your house with an agent involves even more hassle. For example, if you want to sell your home fast, it’ll take an agent 90 days to sell your house, on average. But it doesn’t even end there. The closing date is thirty to sixty days after you accept a buyer’s offer. That adds up to six months: the actual time it takes to sell your house.

Now you can see why selling your home through a local agent can be a long and expensive process. That’s why The Owner Finance Group has come up with an easy and fast procedure to buy houses.

The Owner Finance Group Has Your Back    

As we mentioned before, there is always a better solution to everything. In the home buying business, that’s what we are for you. Unlike local Austin agents, with The Owner Finance Group, you won’t have to pay for commissions, fees, or even closing costs. We take care of everything since we’re the ones buying your house. We do it all fast, offering you cash in hand and closing in as little as seven days or on your own time.