Sell Your House Fast In Georgetown, Tx

Georgetown, Texas, has excellent growth opportunities, and according to census ranks, it’s the 7th fastest-growing US city, which allows people to have a higher acquisition level. In theory, selling your house should be quick because there are many potential buyers. However, there are still different phases in the traditional selling process that can extend the time it takes to sell a house.

Usually, you will be required to make repairs or changes to make your home look perfect, and you will need to list it in several sites. By the time you find the ideal buyer and approval from the bank, it all may end up taking around 90 days or more.

Instead, if you are asking yourself “how to sell my house in Georgetown, Tx, as fast as possible?” you can sell it to a home buyer like us. At The Owner Finance Group, the selling process is fast and straightforward.


Clear Expectations From The Get-Go

We deliver the promises we make, which is why we make sure to set clear expectations from the get-go. All submitted houses are analyzed and checked to confirm they meet our buying criteria.

Once we confirm the house is within our buying criteria, we get back to you with a fair cash offer. This process usually takes 24 hours. All our offers are written, and the sellers are not obligated to accept them. If you don’t like the cash offer, you can reject it or, in some cases, renegotiate, with no hidden fees.

If you do accept the offer, you choose the closing date, and in seven days or less, we get your cash.

The Owner Finance Group Buys Your House Fast

No need to wait 90 days to sell your house, it’s up to you when will be the closing date. We have enough equity to buy your home, even when in deplorable conditions.

Make the numbers, forget about paying taxes, commissions, fees, closing costs, repairs, and more!