Sell Your House For Cash in Austin, Texas

Wanting to sell your property because you find yourself going through a divorce? Or maybe you are dealing with the loss of a loved one? Perhaps you are merely moving or relocating. Or could it be that you are behind in mortgage payments? It doesn’t matter what your current situation is. No excuse is big enough to say that due to the circumstances you are going through, you are finding it hard to sell your property. 

If you have been giving it a thought and saying, “I want cash for my house in Austin, Texas,” The Owner Finance Group will be there for you. No matter your condition, we got you. We act fast and easy. 


Why Us And Not An Agent

If you work out the numbers, you will realize that our way offers excellent benefits. At The Owner Finance Group, we won’t be able to provide you with full retail value for your house. Still, we do assure you will gain many meaningful benefits you will appreciate. 

We Offer Cash in Hand

When you accept the cost we offer for your home, we can close as soon as in seven days, giving you money in hand. One of our biggest advantages is that when you seal the deal with us, you don’t have to worry about any payment (tax payments, insurance payments, mortgage payments, etc.). With an agent, to start with, you fall into a waiting list that can last ninety days or more for you to close, let alone all you have to pay in fees and more. 

No Fixing or Cleaning

Whether you need your house to be cleaned to make the sale, or it requires certain areas to be fixed, we take care of it. We buy your home as-is, getting in charge of whatever it needs. This saves you time and money you can keep.

No Closing Fees Payments

We pay for all the closing costs. We are full-service professional homebuyers, so we want to make it easy for you. We save you all the hassle.

Save Yourself All The Fuss

So think about everything you can accomplish with us. You will save your time by working with us. As well as, you won’t spend money from your pocket on commissions, agent fees, or closing fees. Don’t keep on waiting and have your house bought by professional house buyers.