Struggling To Sell Your House? We Buy Houses in Round Rock, Tx

Nearly thirty percent of first-time sellers are not prepared for how long it took to sell their homes, and express they should have started the process sooner. During the selling process, many of them get anxious and end up with unmet expectations, according to research from Zillow.

Even in places like Round Rock, Tx, where the economy is right, you can struggle to sell a house. On average, the whole process can take around three months or more, depending on the repairs and changes you make to the house and the number of listings you use.

Another option, though is to sell your house to a home buyer like The Owner Finance Group. We buy houses in Round Rock, Tx every day, and have enough equity to buy your home regardless of its condition.


Benefits Of Selling To The Owner Finance Group

We provide win-win solutions to help Round Rock residents get out of their sticky situations, no need to keep struggling with selling your house. Thinking of you, some of the benefits we offer are:

  • Fast and easy four steps process
  • Commissions and fees-free. Real estate agencies charge commissions when the house is sold. On average, they can get six percent of the sale.
  • No closing costs, compared to an agent who usually charges two percent
  • You don’t need to have an inspection and financing contingency. When you are required to have this, the buyer gets the chance to perform an inspection and stand back of the sale or negotiate a lower price.
  • You can get an immediate cash offer
  • You can choose the closing date of your choice
  • You don’t have to perform repairs or changes to the house

Work The Numbers & Contact The Owner Finance Group

Make a comparison, and you will see how much money you can save by selling to us. Many homeowners don’t take into consideration the time it takes to sell a house, the repairs, fees, taxes, or commissions.

No hidden fees or unmet expectations. Stop struggling and request a free cash offer today!